Tanya, son Tom aged 9 has been having lessons with Alice since 2013

"Alice has taught Tom to read music and amazingly quickly taught him simple tunes and pieces which gave him confidence and a sense of achievement. He wanted to learn various pop and rock pieces which Alice has sought out and taught him in a very fun and engaging way. He likes that he gets to choose the direction of his learning and can play 'cool stuff'. It's no exaggeration to say that he loves his guitar lessons and always looks forward to them. We couldn't ask for anything more than that. He is now starting to write his own pieces and has had such a positive experience that he wants to learn a second instrument".


Connie, aged 13 has been having lessons with Alice since 2014

"I got an acoustic guitar and the promise of lessons for my thirteenth birthday. It was a total surprise, but I'd always been interested in learning how to play. We investigated local teachers and looked at many, but chose to meet Alice. I knew I wanted her to teach me after we met. She's very experienced as a performer and a teacher and she is so patient. I've learned heaps in a very short space of time, and my confidence keeps building. She's kind and gentle and a great tutor; I'd recommend her to any new student just starting out!”


Daniel, aged 13 has been having lessons with Alice since 2011

Daniel started learning guitar when he was nine. Now a proficient guitarist, Daniel has learned to play the music he enjoys because Alice takes the time to find the songs he likes, learn them herself, and then teach them to him. With Alice's support Daniel has also done a couple of Trinity Rock and Pop music exams.

Daniel says: "Alice is an extremely patient teacher and doesn't get frustrated if you get something wrong. She's very good at guitar so she's got lots of suggestions for how you can improve your own playing. I really enjoy my guitar lessons."


Carolyn, retired, has been having lessons with Alice since 2013

I have been taking guitar lesson with Alice for the past 2 years and would be very happy to recommend her as a teacher whatever your age, style or interest. I am learning for pleasure to play along to tunes and accompany friends singing or playing other instruments. I had absolutely no experience with any musical instrument and have never learnt music before, so I am quite amazed that I can now strum away, recognise and play different chords and feel confident to negotiate my way round the guitar. I am even starting to be able to read music. Alice is very accommodating, and happy to teach me whatever I ask. It’s great that she is so reliable and enthusiastic.