My Lessons

Styles and repertoire

My lessons are led by each student's goals and musical tastes. This is because I've found that students enjoy their lessons more, practice more and therefore progress further and faster when they are playing songs and styles that they actually like! I am able to cover a range of styles and genres on both electric and acoustic guitar, including rock, pop, soul, funk, blues, folk and more. Some of my students' favourite artists include: Ed Sheeran, The Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Taylor Swift and Bob Marley.


With beginners we usually start with simple rock riffs and move on to open chords, strumming and fingerpicking. As students progress I move on to soloing and lead playing, improvisation, barre chords, extended chords and chord-melody playing. I bring all resources with me and teach all of my students to read guitar tab, chord boxes and rhythmic notation. Students have the option to also learn to read traditional music notation but this is by no means a requirement.

Musicianship and listening

Aside from technique I also focus on core musical skills such as rhythm and timing, aural training and how to analyse music. Once students get to grips with these fundamentals we then develop their ability to express themselves through their own musical interpretation as well as improvisation and composition.

songwriting & composition

As a composer I also encourage my students to start composing early so that they can enjoy having musical autonomy in creating their own pieces. I work with students to compose and record pieces during lessons, as well as helping them develop any of their own musical ideas that they bring to the lesson. As a vocalist I am also able to give students tips and techniques for singing and playing and composing melodies and lyrics.

Theory and exams

I didn't begin to learn music theory or how to read music until I studied GCSE and A Level music, and therefore I know well the specific struggle of trying to understand these concepts on the guitar. As such I am able to make music theory relatable to guitar students and have helped students studying towards grade and GCSE exams. All of my students who have taken grade exams have passed, with two students achieving distinctions.


(Please note I do not teach classical guitar – if you would like to learn classical technique you will be best served by another teacher!).