Advice for parents of children learning an instrument

If you are a parent of a child having music lessons you can play an important role in supporting your child's musical progress. Many parents think that they need to be musically proficient themselves to best help their children, but I have witnessed great progress made by students whose parents had very little musical knowledge, but who sat with them while they were practicing, helped sustain their concentration and simply took an interest in what their child was learning. I have seen that children enjoy sharing their new knowledge and skills with their parents, and being able to teach their parents new things gives them a sense of pride and thus a real confidence boost.

I would also encourage parents to share the music they enjoy with their children in order to develop and broaden their child's musical tastes. Creating a dialogue around music at home can introduce both children AND their parents to new music and new experiences. I often talk to my dad about music, who was kicked out of the school choir aged six for singing 'out of tune', and we've shared many an evening going to gigs and concerts since I introduced him to jazz music over 10 years ago!